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Galileo Masters UK Challenge Winner 2021

Really happy to say I was encouraged to enter the Galileo Masters programme this year and won the UK challenge set by GRACE at the University of Nottingham.

What does it mean for me and my roadmap? I was successful in the UK Space Agency's SatelLife competition last year after realising that satellites could answer some of my technical difficulties. Still, I hadn't been able to move on with those developments. Since finding out about winning in September, I've refined my plan because Galileo Masters gives me access to specialist help for GNSS integration with the team at GRACE. Last night's awards evening means we can now share the news and start to work through hyperlocal positioning developments on my roadmap!

Galileo Masters UK Challenge Winner 2021

Thanks to Ines's guidance and encouragement and the AZO's organising team, I got through a few extra rounds of judging during this Autumn term. At the end of the awards evening, a big surprise was the announcement that Perfect Sense AQ was one of the final six companies chosen as GNSS incubation winners.

In 2022 I'll be working with GRACE, my chosen incubator organisation, to embed GNSS into my pin badge. At the same time, I'm continuing to develop the pollution sensor and pin badge with the team at Graphene @Manchester. This year I have also been working with Dell Technologies UK, who have supported me with technical coaching, including app development, data and security. So I'm looking forward to a new year of news about everything coming together!

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