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End of year updates

The closedown meeting for Transformative Technologies capped off another successful period for Perfect Sense AQ. Thanks to the £50K grant funding, we have reported positive results from the functionalization of the graphene gas sensor and now take a successful feasibility study for embedding a miniaturised GNSS chip into the pin badge into the next stage of development. 

This funding was intended to support ambitious UK-registered micro and small businesses in transformative technologies to realise their full potential. We have done that, and I am grateful to the GEIC and GVL teams for their continued support of the roadmap.

The sensor journey continues in the new year as Perfect Sense AQ begins a testing programme with NPL, which will pave the way for further progress. 

Thanks also to the team at VTT for assistance during the transitional phase from sensor acquisition to functionalization and the quality of graphene from the Graphene Flagship 2D-EPL project, which paved the way for transformative technologies.

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