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Our Story

Protecting health from air pollution is a growing concern in our daily lives. However, after experiencing the impact on her health first-hand while walking through lingering pollution the day after Bonfire Night in 2018, our founder and CEO realised she needed to understand this problem better. Consequently, she became determined to find a creative solution and take action.


Perfect Sense AQ (PSAQ) has come a long way since winning the individual prize in the UK Government's Youth Industrial Strategy competition and the UK Space Agency's SatelLife competition in 2020, inspiring Ava to turn her pollution-sensing pin badge into a full-fledged start-up company. 


PSAQ comprises two vital technological components: the pin badge, which collects hyper-local air quality data, and a complementary mobile app. We have developed a highly sensitive pollution sensor with a lightweight pin badge. Also, we are combining ground-level air quality data with Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) positioning to provide an impressive hyper-local accuracy of 20cm. This accuracy is made possible using the European Space Agency's Galileo satellite system's High Accuracy Service in the pin badge.

Meet The CEO

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