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Celebrating Inspirational Business Women in STEM and Construction

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

I was selected to attend this event at the UK House of Lords, which was organised by Roni Savage. It was an incredible opportunity for me to be in the same room as brilliant business leaders and influencers.

One of the event's key messages was to support the next generation of young women in STEM and construction by providing mentorship. As someone who has benefited from learning from diverse mentors throughout my journey, I was delighted to see the energy in the room and the commitment to mentoring new talent.

I was also grateful to Baroness Sandy Verma and Rt Hon Caroline Nokes for taking the time to understand my work with the team at Graphene - The University of Manchester, and we discussed how the phrase "next generation" does not adequately recognise the contributions of "this generation," as Alison Rose shared in her February update:

Our findings show that 16 to 25-year-old women founded nearly 17,500 businesses in 2022, a figure that's more than 22 times greater than in 2018, The Rose Review.

On International Women's Engineering Day, I would like to acknowledge the difference that the brilliant mentors, advocates, and allies who support me are making as we continue to collaborate because that difference is still needed. #INWED23 #IWED

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